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Swan Lake and Vampires November 21, 2012

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Zdraveyte! It’s been a productive week in terms of homework. I’m working hard on a lot of my end-of-semester projects; a lot of them are due next week, actually, and the remainder the week after. Because believe it or not (I certainly can’t get this to sink in), I only have two more weeks left of class and then finals week. So. Weird.

Hmm… what’s happened? Last Friday, I went to Sofia with a bunch of other AUBG students to see Swan Lake at the Sofia Opera House. It was a fun trip. We had the nosebleed seats to end all nosebleed seats and for some reason the show took three intermissions, one after every act (that seemed very Bulgarian to me. Fluid, fluid sense of time), but nevertheless I got to meet some new AUBG students, hang out with friends, and see a really gorgeous show. I’d never been to a professional ballet before (unless you count the elementary-school trip to see The Nutcracker, but I don’t because I was little and fidgety) and it was beautiful. Also very convenient that ballet is a wordless performance–no language barrier! I really loved the scenes at the lake, between Odette and the prince. I realized while traveling back to Blago that that might be my last bus trip of my year abroad, and it was bittersweet to think about. It’s been incredible how many places I’ve gotten to see and how many experiences I’ve gotten to have. But I have to admit… I was a little happy about no-more-long-bus-trips. 🙂

It’s not my last trip, though! Either this weekend or the next (this weekend, probably), I am going to Philippi, Greece with my church group for a day trip. Luckily the leaders of our group have a car so that’s much more convenient than using bus schedules. But that’s likely to be the only place I go in the next few weeks due to academic and financial considerations. I’m okay with that. There are a lot of places I’d love to go–Macedonia, Croatia, southern Greece, and more places around Bulgaria–but I only have a few weekends left and I mostly want to spend them here in Blagoevgrad. I want to see my friends, study hard and write my papers, and all that good stuff.

I also saw the last Twilight movie over the weekend 🙂 and it was better than the other ones, in my opinion. It was amusing to be in the movie theater with about six thousand Bulgarian high-schoolers. (Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but there were lots of young folks coming out of the woodwork. Made me feel like a granny. Was I ever that young and giggly? Yes… I was.) My friend Elizabeth and I did some souvenir shopping and got lunch out. There’s a neat Christmas market coming into existence in the center of Blago. There are Christmas lights up, though they’re not turned on yet. Then I conquered procrastination and did lots and lots of work. Hooray! I’ve figured out if I do all the fun things on my agenda when I first get up, there is a much better chance I’ll grumblingly do work later. Don’t know why. But when I leave all the fun stuff for the evening, I do aaaabsolutely nothing all day long and then I feel guilty about doing fun stuff. (But not that guilty, clearly.)

Tonight I’m presenting a poster at a Bulgarian culture evening. I have to talk about what Bulgarian language is to me. Luckily, I’m allowed to do it in English! 🙂 Life’s going just fine, and time is moving very very quickly… tomorrow night I am going to THANKSGIVING DINNER! I can’t remember if I wrote about this in my last post, and I’m too lazy to look it up (haha), so just to recap or tell you for the first time: AUBG’s dining services chieftain/chef is putting on a Thanksgiving spread tomorrow night. Pumpkin soup, turkey and cranberry sauce, and a sweet potato tart. A lot of my friends are going–and not only the American ones–so while it won’t be the same as being with my family, it will be a great evening, and a great memory of that one time I had Thanksgiving in Bulgaria. There’s also a major possibility that I’ll get to Skype with my family while they’re all together for Thanksgiving, which sounds simultaneously chaotic and fun!




2 Responses to “Swan Lake and Vampires”

  1. Aunt Jenny Says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah! We will miss you. You are going to have to keep blogging when you get back to the states. I know more about what you’ve been doing while you’re thousands of miles away than I ever did when you were just a few hundred away ;). Love you!

    • Happy Thanksgiving, Aunt Jenny! I’ll miss you guys too. Hope we can all Skype. I’m glad you enjoy the blog; I hadn’t thought of keeping one in the States. I’ll keep it in mind :p Love you too!

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